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Acceleration Programme

Up to €500,000 of investment for your startup

How does our Acceleration Programme work?

Since we started in 2013 we’ve worked with entrepreneurs like you in the creation and growth of their startups. Through Demium Capital, our asset management company, we invest €150,000 in the projects that participate in our Acceleration Programme and we support them throughout the whole life of the company, minimizing the risks associated with launching a business.

€150,000 of
Initial Investment
As soon as your startup is approved by the Investment Committee, you will receive €150,000 of investment through a Convertible Note
6 Months of
During 6 months, through weekly online sprints with the 10-pillar experts, we’ll help you develop your startups’ strategy and action plan.
Connection with
We work with you to close a financing round bigger than €300,000, with the support of our Demo Days, Roadshows and Networking with investors.
You’ll be part of a +1,000 entrepreneurs network that have been in Demium since 2013. Share successes, challenges and opportunities.
Up to €500,000
of Financing
We support entrepreneurs throughout the life of your startup, willing to invest an extra €350,000 in the following funding rounds.

About the Acceleration Programme

If you have a strong co-founding team, a disruptive proposal with some metrics that show traction, join our Acceleration Programme: 

  • Location: All countries where we operate, as well as other European countries.
  • Duration: 6 months with weekly sprints + extra months of support, with monthly sprints, until you complete your investment round.
  • Demium team: 2 working teams: Acceleration and Venture Capital. We help you define objectives and we supervise your action plan.
  • External Coaches team: Experts in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Performance, Growth Hacking, Product Development, Technology, Operations growth, Financing Modelling, Fundraising, Pitching, Access to public funds and Lean Methodologies.

Accelerate your startup with Demium

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    Success stories: MyCareforce

    Since we started operating in 2013, we’ve supported entrepreneurs like you, who wanted to create their own startup. Pedro Cruz Morais is one of them.

    Pedro joined Demium’s Incubation Programme because he was certain about one thing: he wanted to create a startup, and although he already had some experience as an entrepreneur, he knew he needed knowledge and guidance. In just 4 months he met his co-founder and launched MyCareforce.

    Watch the story of Pedro and MyCareforce.


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    Demium invests €7.2M in 68 startups in 2021
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