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About the Acceleration Programme

Initial Investment

Initial Investment

Initial Investment

An initial investment of €25K from Demium’s Fund from the moment you start the programme, scalable to €500K which will target your startup growth objectives.

Specialized coaches

Specialized coaches

Specialized coaches

They will help you work out a clear strategy and a solid business plan by coaching you through three key areas: Marketing & Growth Hacking, Product and Sales.

Expert mentors & Business Angels

Expert mentors & Business Angels

Expert mentors & Business Angels

As experts in a specific area, our mentors and business angels will open doors to insightful feedback and connections within a particular market niche.

Fundraising support

Fundraising support

Fundraising support

Any startup needs fundraising in order to meet its business objectives. Demium provides highly specialized support, hand-carrying you through your first investment round and beyond.

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How It Works



We want to partner with you to help you achieve your startup goals quicker and more efficiently.

Fill out our application form in less than 7 minutes. Tell us more about your company, where you are right now and how you think we can help you get where you want to be.

Our team will review your application and if we find your project interesting we will  propose to schedule a meeting (virtual or in person)

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Once we’ve met and given what our partner fund is looking for, we will introduce you to the Selection Committee. Then it’s time for you to present your project and show them your worth.

Projects that get the green light from the Committee will directly access our acceleration programme and receive the first investment of €25K in a Convertible Note.


Growth Stage

It’s time to get things moving and kick off the acceleration. While this regional programme takes places across Spain and Portugal, startups from other European countries can apply as well. 

It will have a duration of 10 weeks starting off with a 3-day on-site attendance for onboarding in one of our hubs in the region. Our Head of Acceleration will play a key role in helping you define your goals and draw your roadmap.

You will also work with our Coaches. These 3 individuals are experts in Marketing & Growth Hacking, Product and Sales and will bring these dimensions of your business to the next level.

We believe investment training is key. That’s why we will have periodic demo days for you to meet potential investors, and will give you all the resources, tips, tools and insights you need to complete your €100K pre-seed round led by Demium’s Fund.



Once you have accomplished the acceleration goals and investment training, you are ready to present your startup to the Investment Committee and raise your first round.

Our partner fund will lead your pre-seed round with €100K to accelerate your startup growth and you will have the opportunity to raise additional funds from our network of business angels and investors. This investment is scalable up to €500K in future financing rounds.



The life of your startup has only just begun!

Once you’ve managed to raise your pre-seed round, your startup will transition to a “follow-up” stage and be introduced to our Portfolio Team, specialized in helping you throughout the following years of this unique journey. 

We are your partners and will support you with further fundraising initiatives and strategic decisions until the exit of your startup. As part of our community, you’ll also have the opportunity to take part in networking and investment events, such as demo-days, conferences and Roadshows.

Apply as a startup


Our 4-month Acceleration Programme is carefully designed for startups in different stages that have a team and an idea. We will guarantee you reach product-market fit. To get there, you’ll need:

A complete co-founding team

A complete co-founding team

A complete co-founding team

We look for a dream team of minimum 2 people with the skills and drive to execute the project at this stage. Nevertheless, through our programme, we will also help you complete your squad.

An innovative solution

An innovative solution

An innovative solution

If you have a relevant technology, intellectual or industrial property that solves a real problem, or a product that’s ready to scale up, we want to hear more about it

An incorporated company

An incorporated company

An incorporated company

Your business should be formally recognized, meaning you must have created a limited company that develops the activity of your business proposal.

Do you want to create your own startup from scratch?

Demium is the place where you don’t need a team or idea to build and grow your own company.

Through our incubation programme we will work with you to build a co-founding team, find a business idea and turn it into reality, while targeting up to €500K of investment from Demium’s Fund.

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What if I don’t meet one or some of the requirements?

If we believe that your project has a lot of potential but it is too early for you, our local teams will offer you other opportunities that best fit you and your project.

Do I need to be based either in Portugal or Spain to join the programme?

No, you can apply from any country where Demium is based: Spain, Portugal, Greece, Estonia, UK, Poland and Ukraine. However, a great value of this specific programme relies on opening doors within the Iberian market, so you would benefit the most if you are already based, or have plans to expand, in the region.

Is the programme 100% remote?

You’re required to be present during the onboarding week and the week before the investment committee. If you are located in a city where we have a Hub (Barcelona, Lisbon, Madrid, Málaga and Valencia) you are more than welcome to work from there.

Does the programme have a cost?

Yes. We want to offer you the best services, resources and team of professionals from the beginning. That’s why, having received the first €25K on the first day of the programme, we charge an initial fee of €5K. Demium also charges a success fee of €25K only if you receive the remaining €75K at the end of the programme.

How is Demium going to help me get investment?

A lot of the responsibility of the CEO is to fundraise, so we will help you to master this skill and prepare your investment materials – investment deck, financial model and video teaser-. The programme ends with the Investment Committee and the potential investment of the remaining €75K, but our commitment goes beyond the programme and we will always support you throughout the following rounds.

What are the investment conditions?

As soon as you’re invited to the programme our partner fund will invest the first €25K in your company through a Convertible Note. After the acceleration, you’ll present to Demium’s Fund Investment Committee. If the Committee decides to invest, they will invest €50K in Equity which converts the initial Convertible Note, for a total of 8,5% of your company. The remaining €25K will be invested through a Convertible Note.

Why does Demium's Fund invest these last €25K in a Convertible Note?

We understand that you may need additional capital until your seed round, that is why we invest these remaining €25K through a Convertible Note. This Convertible Note will convert on a future valuation and establish other initial conditions that you can bring as baseline to other potential investors.

What if in the end TBC decides not to invest the remaining €75K?

Don’t worry, we will not ask you for the money back. We’ll keep our initial Convertible Note of €25K, which will only be converted in a future round of financing, as originally planned. We sincerely believe that, despite the fact that we don’t continue this journey together, you will come out stronger from this experience, ready to explore other programmes or funding opportunities.