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Agrow Analytics – Smart Farming Paired with Green Revolution

Agrow Analytics

For farming to be effective, farmers need to be able to collect and analyse accurate field data at every working stage. Pablo and Antonella, two agri-tech pioneer entrepreneurs, have designed a solution to optimize farming productivity and help farmers monitor their harvest, outlining an approximate planting plan for the next one. Predictability and control ensure optimal harvest and higher sales prices that will bring more revenue. Agrow Analytics is a real trend-setter featuring options for correct water estimates keeping water waste to a minimum. Greener, healthier farming and profitable use of land? Agrow Analytics helps farmers get the job done.

Meet The Team

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourselves

(Pablo) I have a degree in Environmental Sciences and after my graduation, which was two years ago, I have been working on projects of that nature. Besides, I have always had that little seed of entrepreneurship within me. This has pushed me to get training in things like digital marketing, or to participate in different entrepreneurship events. And all this has brought me where I am today enjoying the project we are developing.

(Antonella) I am from Argentina and come from a background of finance, consulting, and management.  I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but I started my professional journey in the world of management consulting, which was an incredible learning experience.   I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to finish my Masters program in Poland.   It is there that I first met the Demium team, Then I moved to London and made the move to the world of startups.

After working in a very large company, working in a startup was very different,I loved it! Getting to build processes from scratch and directly contribute to so many parts of the business was an amazing experience.

Once I learned about the opportunity to join the Demium program in Malaga, I jumped at it. And I’m glad I did.  I love the city and   the entrepreneurial environment at Demium!

Q: Why did you decide to start your company with Demium?

(Antonella) What really grabbed my attention about Demium was the people.  As I began to learn more about the program, it seemed like exactly the type of environment I was looking for.  And as I began to meet members of the Demium team, I was impressed and knew it was the next step on the path to entrepreneurship. 

My mind was practically made up but what really did it was all the stories I read about entrepreneurs who had trusted Demium and how much they had accomplished.

Demium met and exceeded my expectations, not just for the Malaga office but as a whole. 

(Pablo) I had already heard about Demium because I know people in the entrepreneurship sector and I met Ramón, Incubation Project Manager at Demium Malaga, 4 years ago. 
It was really a coincidence for my journey to conclude as it did, because I had already accepted an job offer from a company but the COVID outbreak in March changed everything. I took some time to reflect and said to myself – “you’ve always wanted to start a business; still, you somehow manage to get a job or sign a contract instead; step out of your comfort zone for a change.” Right after that, I was notified that there would soon be a Demium open call and I decided to apply. 

I joined Demium because of all that it entails. I did my research first, same as Antonella, and read the testimonials which gave me the confidence to admit that “if Demium has managed to incubate successful startups, there must be something they’re doing differently”. Also, the idea of being given a chance to qualify for € 100K was hard to beat. 

All About Agrow Analytics

Q: Tell us about your startup

(Antonella) Our main goal has always been to help farmers. They know the land and the crops they grow. But they have no information as to how or why produce prices fluctuate, how the market works or why costs increase. 

Our detailed findings report highlighted a big issue: agriculture lacked tech backup and decision-making was not based on data or deep analysis. 

Back then, we had no proposal but little by little we worked our way through and that’s how the Agrow Analytics idea was born. It’s been a slow but steady process and we are thrilled with the overall experience. 

Agrow Analytics is a platform l that provides farmers with real-time data and predictive analytics of water availability and crop production,  empowering farmers to optimize their  decision-making and increase profitability.   Farmers first need to understand how much water they will have at their disposal  before deciding what, how, and how much to plant. Did you know that 70% of of all available water is used for agriculture?  With the world population expected to grow another 33% by 2050, this demand for food, and therefore water, will only continue to grow. 

The solution we are proposing brings together internal information, that is, background information that farmers and cooperatives have, and external information, like soil type, climate and temperature. This external information is processed through our analytics model and gives farmers information regarding the best option for their upcoming harvest. In short, how much water they will have available and how to utilize it to optimize crop production. 

Our solution is currently being tested by a cooperative of 900 farmers who will be our first clients and our main focus. 

We believe Agrow is the best solution on the market because it is an all-inclusive solutions for farmers.  . Other solutions  focus on production and prices, leaving water supply out of the equation, which we believe is a crucial element in the decision-making process. 

Water shortage is an issue that demands close attention; climate change is a fact and brings about many problems related to resource allocation. These problems eat away at crop quality and cause prices to rise. 

Our MPV will focus on water availability and, once a reliable, sound model is developed,, will tackle production and prices. 

Q: How was the idea of ​​Agrow Analytics born?

(Pablo) After those 3 weeks of ideation, Antonella and I came to the conclusion that we had to unlearn in order to learn from the ground up, because there are many concepts about the idea statement that were not right. We started by finding a problem and breaking down the causes of that problem. Once we had the causes of the problem figured out, we made a proposal, according to our profiles, and suggested solutions. This led us to the agriculture sector, an area in which we felt really comfortable.

Q: What’s been the most rewarding or best part of your startup journey so far?

(Pablo) I’ve made several attempts to start my own business but I was never once backed up by a company like Demium. They helped me understand that solutions are at hand’s reach, closer than I ever thought they could be. It might be an age thing, I’m a young entrepreneur and I didn’t quite see myself in that role. It took me some time to realize how resilient and persevering I truly was, and that I actually did have the ability to lead and develop a project. This is a genuinely empowering feeling. 

(Antonella) For me, the most rewarding part is to see the progress we’ve made, our project in the making… Same as Pablo, I had tried to start my business in the past but lacked support and guidance. Demium oozes teamwork, motivation, positivity and encouragement. It’s the model entrepreneur hub. No competition, ‘cause we’re all rowing in the same direction and have each other’s back the entire time. 

Q: Are there any specific skills or qualifications you had attained prior to becoming an entrepreneur that you believe helped you make the transition to being an entrepreneur?

(Pablo) I think I am a super enthusiastic person, who has many good traits but many bad ones too. I also like to know a little bit about everything, so I have a multidisciplinary background. On the other hand I am a very daring person. That too goes hand in hand with the enthusiasm part, it can play in your favor or not. I see the possibility, I take the leap and say: let’s see what it’ll bring. 

(Antonella) I have always been a very curious person, one who sets long-term goals, fully aware of the short-term goals that require attention. When I set my mind to something, I won’t stop until I get it. Some time ago I said: I want to do this. I think that was a bit of what brought me here to this moment.

Pablo Crespo and Antonella Maggioni, co-founders at Agrow Analytics

Agrow Analytics and Demium

Q: Can you describe what Demium has done for (or helped) you?

(Antonella) It has helped us a lot. I think that when someone starts alone, one doesn’t even know where to start. For example, you are not aware of how important validation is or how vital it is to understand the problem… I think Demium has been there every step of the way, highlighting the important things and guiding us along the way. Everything is very organized and structured, although there is also a lot of flexibility. 

(Pablo) I think learning how to set deadlines is crucial too. The fact that there are deadlines to meet creates personal and team needs.

Our idea was packed with potential and Demium managed to unveil that for us. 

Q: Think about where you were before you started with Demium, and tell us your best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs or someone considering starting their own thing.

(Antonella) I would encourage you to join the selection process and get to experience what it means to “create” a startup in one single weekend.

A weekend with Demium is more than enough to convince you that this is the right decision to make. Take my word for it. 

(Pablo) I think that many people do not consider the fact of becoming an entrepreneur as a possibility. What Antonella has said, living the experience and meeting people who want to start their own business is well worth it. Even if you decide not to become an entrepreneur at a later stage, I think you have to give it a go and not have the feeling that you are missing out on something. Entrepreneurship is not the safest path, but once you are on the right trial, you start comparing and feel what it is really like.

If you’re in the right place, you’ll end up staying for the long haul. Take it from me!

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