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Agrow Analytics

Agrow Analytics – Smart Farming Paired with Green Revolution

For farming to be effective, farmers need to be able to collect and analyse accurate field data at every working stage. Pablo and Antonella, two agri-tech pioneer entrepreneurs, have designed a solution to optimize farming productivity and help farmers monitor their harvest, outlining an approximate planting plan for the next one. Predictability and control ensure … Continued

Founder Stories — 31 December, 2020

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iCommunity Labs

iCommunity Labs, The Blockchain Platform That Certifies Estrella Galicia Product Traceability

iComunity Labs have developed an innovative extreme chain traceability project for Estrella Galicia using Blockchain technology. The project certifies the distribution routes of more than 120 products, mapping the distribution and delivery history of the product. The company estimates that this solution will bring important annual savings, cutting down the losses caused by parallel imports … Continued

Startup News — 21 December, 2020


Cosmetics Software Made Smart

Cosmetic surgery clinics and physicians need to stay on top of tons of information to be able to help their patients and make it through the day. Procedures paperwork, health information, patient history, templates, surgery reports, checklists, stacks of visual material, imaging results but above all easy access to details, is what good cosmetic surgery … Continued

Founder Stories — 17 December, 2020

Streamion prize

STREAMION – Best Valencia Startup for 2020

STREAMION, a startup that specializes in digital marketing streaming, born a bit more than a year ago, closes the year with a bang, by gaining a national recognition as the Best Startup in the Community of Valencia, at the 5th VLC Startup Awards ceremony, held last Wednesday, December 2nd. The STREAMION project idea was born … Continued

Startup News — 11 December, 2020


HearMe – Online Psychological Counselling Wherever You Are

Work is a major part of our lives and having a job is good for our mental health. But mental health in the workplace is equally important. Depression, anxiety, outbursts of anger and emotion, deadlines or traveling for work are different aspects of the same issue: that feeling of distress and the need for a … Continued

Founder Stories — 3 December, 2020


Call For Help at Sea? Proteus Innovation – Right on Time!

Joining forces and ideas is how three longtime friends have managed to create a clever sea rescue, life saving device that’s ready to take the aquatic sector by storm. Proteus Innovation stands for groundbreaking solutions, tested and validated by a number of prominent experts in the field. Julio Ferrando, Jorge Pradas and Miguel Angel Sánchez … Continued

Founder Stories — 19 November, 2020


Bring Back the Spark – Couples One-of-a-Kind ChispaBox Getaway Kit

ChispaBox is fast becoming one of the best value couples favorite love kits. A fun, accessible, enticing way to rekindle the spark and reconnect, design your very own luxury retreats with your significant other and keeping the love alive. Thinking about heading to Bali? Check out Andrea’s kit instead. She is a dynamic, bold young … Continued

Founder Stories — 12 November, 2020

The Doggies in Town App – Practicality Made Paw-ssible!

Our furry friends need to be well taken care of. Happy dogs, happy owners. Finding the perfect app for dog-friendly places and other dog related needs can be somehow tricky, but Jessie Akkermans has created an app for dog lovers that ticks all the right boxes. Following in her dad’s footsteps, Jessie decided to found … Continued

Founder Stories — 5 November, 2020

It All Starts With a Raw Idea

The story of a young entrepreneur from Brazil, who decided to set up his first startup at the age of 21. Felipe Vieira, a multi-faceted Civil Engineering and Management graduate, walks us through the ups and downs that brought him straight to sheer success. NetworkMe, his bright idea for a startup meshes talent, crystal-clear vision … Continued

Funding / Startup News — 28 October, 2020

10 Questions With… Profesor CBD

If you’re not already au fait with the term CBD, allow us a brief introduction. It stands for cannabidiol, which is the main component of the hent plant. This can help ease symptoms of chronic pain, nausea and insomnia, but is most widely used to tackle stress, anxiety and joint pain. Profesor CBD, which was … Continued

Startup News — 1 October, 2020

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