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We took the AllStartup Weekend online: here’s how it went

Last month marked a first for Demium: we hosted the first ever virtual AllStartup Weekend. It took place in Athens over three days (20-22 March) and featured 20 talented and passionate participants. We stuck to the usual Friday to Sunday timetable, during which our MD Ilias slept in the office. “It was easier that way,” … Continued

Demium Startups — 23 April, 2020

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Meet the startups: Froged

What is Froged? Behavioural marketing software that allows you to track and analyse customers’ actions on your website. With this info, you can set activity‑based messages to pop up and send personalised email campaigns, thereby increasing engagement. Forget using different programmes to collect different data, Froged collects and stores it all in one simple-to-use space. … Continued

Demium Startups — 17 February, 2020

7 strong years of talent investing

This week marks the seventh anniversary since the founding of Demium. Since 2013 we’ve had over 10,000 applications for our AllStartup Weekends, created over 600 jobs, and launched more than 100 startups. In the past year alone, we’ve opened new Demium sites in Belarus, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Portugal and Ukraine, having already set up five thriving incubators across Spain. … Continued

Demium Startups — 13 February, 2020

Madrid is on its way up – now’s the time to hop on board

Madrid is renowned for its art museums, restaurants, plazas and extensive history, but perhaps not so much for its startup ecosystem. That’s all changing, however, thanks to initiatives laid out to encourage new businesses. After the financial crisis of 2008, Spain took over half a decade to get back on its feet, but is now … Continued

Demium Startups — 19 December, 2019

Meet our Barcelona MD, Priscilla Lavoie

What’s a typical day in the Demium office for you? As Managing Director I make sure everything runs smoothly at Demium, meaning everyone has what they need, when they need it. This is different everyday and could be anything from putting together demo days for entrepreneurs to showcase their startups to investors, to finding a … Continued

Demium Startups — 12 December, 2019

Why aren’t there more women founding startups?

According to the European Commission’s 2018 figures, women make up 51% of the population of the EU, yet only a third of the total number of those who are self-employed are female. This is despite the fact that startups set up by women performed 63% better than those founded solely by men, according to the … Continued

Demium Startups — 5 December, 2019

Want to make startup history? Barcelona is the place to be

With reasonable operating costs and increasing availability of capital, Barcelona continues to gain momentum as an international startup hub. The city is frequently ranked one of Europe’s best for new businesses, thanks to its established infrastructure, large talent pool and low cost of living. The vibrant cultural scene, excellent food and a coastal Mediterranean location … Continued

Demium Startups — 4 December, 2019

Meet our Valencia MD, Jaime Guillot

What’s a typical day in the Demium office for you? There are no typical days. There are always surprises, successes, failures, new activity… Together with my team we help to create valuable startups and investment networks behind them. If I had to find the closest thing to a typical day, it would be when entrepreneurs … Continued

Demium Startups — 3 December, 2019

Customer acquisition tips for early stage startups on a tight budget

Marta Frenna, CEO of Greyhounders, a Madrid-based Demium startup, gives us the lowdown on their launch customer acquisition strategy, on a shoestring.   But first, a word about the startup that is disrupting the optical prescription glasses industry in Spain…. Set up in 2018 by Marta, Marco Resino and Juanjo Ruano and incubated in the … Continued

Demium Startups — 28 November, 2019

Why Budapest is the place to build a startup in CEE

Just 10 tech startups were reported in Budapest in 2016. Now there are hundreds and the city’s startup ecosystem is developing rapidly. The number of accelerators is on the up, as is international investor interest. The capital is also attracting established businesses with its low living costs, an extensive public transport network and reliable high-speed … Continued

Demium Startups — 20 November, 2019

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