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Founder Stories: Daniel Ruiz-Giménez, CMO and Co-Founder at Kaikoo

The Founder Stories brings us closer to entrepreneurs and their journey creating a startup in Demium. This time, we sat down with Daniel Ruiz-Giménez, CMO and co-founder at Kaikoo. He and his team have designed a unique eSports platform for amateurs and pro-players who are ready to step up their gaming skills, feature competitions and ultimately join a top-tier talent pool.

Founder Stories — 2 September, 2021

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Helena Rodemann

Founder Stories: Helena Rodemann

The Founder Stories brings us closer to entrepreneurs and their journey creating a startup in Demium. This time, we sat down with Helena Rodemann, Head of Product and co-founder at Moonai.

Founder Stories — 8 June, 2021

Waaraya co-founders

Waaraya – I was here, I existed, I mattered…

Would you ever consider having messages forwarded to your loved ones after you pass? If you feel you still have things left to say or share with them, Waaraya was designed specifically to make sure your future messages are safely and promptly delivered to their recipients. Waaraya, which stands for “immortal” in Somali language, is … Continued

Founder Stories — 11 March, 2021

iCommunity Labs Team

iCommunity Labs – Smarter Blockchain Solutions For All Industries

Blockchain: a series of linked data blocks. Straightforward, right? It’s core concept is pretty simple: security, transparency, efficiency, fraud protection and high flexibility of usage. In short, everything that iCommunity Labs stand for. They currently commercialize their product in a growing number of sectors and have generated major interest in technology circles. Behind every success … Continued

Founder Stories — 11 February, 2021

Emendu team

Renting Over Purchasing Consumer Electronics? Trust Emendu.

More and more people are choosing to rent goods over purchasing them; vehicles, mobile phones, laptops, servers or even real estate. Consumer electronics Renting gives you the chance to stay up-to-date with the latest technology without having to buy or dispose of obsolete equipment. You want it? You rent it. Emendu is a smart tech … Continued

Founder Stories — 29 January, 2021


Textilu – Ethic and Aesthetics

Fashion has a waste problem and that’s an alarming truth. Over 20% percent of the world’s water pollution is caused by toxic chemicals used to turn raw material into fabrics, only to end up in landfills, at the end of each season. Textilu uses unwanted surplus, normally thrown away or left in storage, aspiring to … Continued

Founder Stories — 14 January, 2021

Agrow Analytics

Agrow Analytics – Smart Farming Paired with Green Revolution

For farming to be effective, farmers need to be able to collect and analyse accurate field data at every working stage. Pablo and Antonella, two agri-tech pioneer entrepreneurs, have designed a solution to optimize farming productivity and help farmers monitor their harvest, outlining an approximate planting plan for the next one. Predictability and control ensure … Continued

Founder Stories — 31 December, 2020

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