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CityRobotics founder

City Robotics – First-Stage Funding For a First-Rate Product

Cleaning robots showing up for duty, deployed to help with manual disinfection and sanitizing? It’s more than just a trend… they could actually help flatten the curve – or any curve for that matter – as most bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms are likely to survive on surfaces for up to several days or … Continued

Funding / Startup News — 18 March, 2021

It All Starts With a Raw Idea

The story of a young entrepreneur from Brazil, who decided to set up his first startup at the age of 21. Felipe Vieira, a multi-faceted Civil Engineering and Management graduate, walks us through the ups and downs that brought him straight to sheer success. NetworkMe, his bright idea for a startup meshes talent, crystal-clear vision … Continued

Funding / Startup News — 28 October, 2020

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