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Long road to become a CTO

The Long Road to Becoming a CTO- Perfecting the Skills

The company’s tech guru, the smartest developer in the room, the main tech person, usually the co-founder of a startup, the number one thinker behind the product itself… the title alone can be somewhat overwhelming. Are you still a coder or a leader who’s learning and evolving keeping ahead of the pack? Strategic Vision – … Continued

Tips and Tools / Your Startup Blueprint — 2 March, 2021

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Ashiato: 5 things we’ve learned during the coronavirus crisis

Don’t lose focus You may have lots of ups and downs during the lifetime of your company, especially in a situation like this, but having clear and achievable objectives will allow you and your team to stay on track. Dare to learn Ok, so things are moving much slower than expected, but that’s not a reason … Continued

Tips and Tools — 25 June, 2020

VRIBUS: what the current global crisis has taught us

At VRIBUS we use virtual training to help people face their fears and if the current global crisis has taught us anything, it’s that virtual and online services should be made available for everyone and for a much wider range of services. The global #StayAtHome campaign has shown that not only can a lot of … Continued

Tips and Tools — 18 June, 2020

Network Me’s 3 key pointers to making it through the current crisis

Network Me creates employer branding solutions that will attract higher-education students to various companies and a big part of that process is to be present in universities. In March we planned to host seven events at different schools in Lisbon, but they were all cancelled. “We’re screwed,” we thought, but after a few days we … Continued

Tips and Tools — 11 June, 2020

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