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Cosmetic surgery clinics and physicians need to stay on top of tons of information to be able to help their patients and make it through the day. Procedures paperwork, health information, patient history, templates, surgery reports, checklists, stacks of visual material, imaging results but above all easy access to details, is what good cosmetic surgery software should feature. Introducing the fully customizable BDiary App; it saves you time and speeds up quality data collection, organization and distribution. All in the palm of your hand – wherever, whenever.

Meet the team

Q: Name, position + where are you based? What’s your background?
I’m Julia Brosko, CEO at BDiary. I’m from Kiev, Ukraine, with more than 13 years experience in branding and as a business owner. I’m also the author of two books. 

And I’m Dima Lisovyk, CTO at BDiary, also from Kiev with more than 9 years experience as a fullstack developer in health industry and data security companies. 

Q: What is it about your co-founders that made you want to form a startup with them?
I know Dima is an extraordinary programer, always on top of his game with a witty sense of humor. I left him with no choice but to take the job; everyone else was already gone. Seriously now, it was Demium that made it possible for us to get to learn more about each other, under pressure and in extreme working conditions. The Demium experience was an eye-opener. We learned how to interact, relate at work, come to terms with work issues and join forces. This has been essential for teamwork. 

Dima and I have a lot in common, we balance each other, share human values and most importantly we stand together as the two pillars of our company. One being Team Development and Promotion, the other one being Marketing Communications.

All About BDiary

Q: Give us the elevator pitch of BDiary
In the beauty industry more and more specialists are looking for jobs in the private sector. Existing software, built for large beauty salons and clinics, is expensive and requires training and installation. General mobile solutions are too generic. Traditional solutions for mobile phones are too generic and conventional. 

The BDiary is an all-in-one solution for the private sector cosmetic industry (private practice in aesthetic industry,) featuring (with include): work calendar, productivity tracker, clients card, patient history and important notes and procedure recording with before and after images to compare.

It’s a personal business assistant on your mobile phone. This is the first version for the MVP market. Globally, we plan to become the best biz solution for small and micro business in different niches in the service industry.

This is extremely important because now SME represent about 90% of businesses and more than 50% of employees (employment) worldwide. According to World Bank estimates, 600 million jobs will be needed by 2030 and small & micro business can be the main way to employ them (to supply world people of work.).

And our solution will be to help, support and solve their problems. Needless to say, our solution aims at helping, supporting and solving their problems. 

Q: What stage are you at with your startup?
We have just passed the stage of the official release of the MVP version in PlayMarket and AppStore. This is a stepping stone for us and our clients who have been eagerly waiting for the app to launch. BDiary currently features over 100 applications. Our clients can also enjoy a bonus program which comes with the official release. 

We will be presenting to our most active users for December, the personal website of a cosmetologist. We have also planned a series of training webinars to help our clients develop their business. All bonuses have been specifically selected in order for the idea to be validated as a functional future solution. Our aim is to attract only our target audience. We are slowly and steadily learning how to serve our customer better, alongside getting really inspiring feedback.

Q: What’s next for your startup? What are you focussed on or working on now?
We have actively started to sell our solution and are inviting the audience to join in. The next step will be to update the roadmap for the development of our functionality based on real-time customer feedback. 

It is fundamentally important to emphasize that we are already developing the specific functionality of our solution with leading industry experts. Our solution combines the basic functionality of the CRM-solution and functionality upon request from industry customers. We will adhere to the same logic in the future and do what is more convenient for the clients. Our task is to support small and micro businesses in their difficult daily work.

Demium and BDiary

Q: Can you describe what Demium has done for (or helped) you
Demium helped us to get to know each other and stick together. I like to call it the “School of Demium”, where one can learn about important aspects of startup design strategy, global vision and financial modeling. 

Q: If you had to describe your whole experience with Demium in one word, what would it be?
Julia – Everything aches but keep running, you’re sprinting on the right track! 

Dima – A continuing challenge we have gladly chosen to embrace!

Q: Think about where you were before you started with Demium, and tell us your best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs or someone considering starting their own thing.
Julia – Almost all information from government institutions and public entities regarding startups is merely theoretical. What is being provided is so little but it’s all you have to make do and learn by. Sometimes there’s no time to wait for knowledge to spring from the experience yet to come. 

Dima – Don’t hold back just because you’re lacking skills or knowledge. Find teammates who have the skills you’re missing, validate your idea in a practical way; aspire to make a difference.

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