Demium Capital

The most active Venture Capital in Southern Europe

We invest in Talent

We invest in the earliest stages of a startup –pre-seed and seed stages–, when the co-founding team has already validated their business plan.


Across all industries

We invest in startups from any innovative sector.

Long-term cycles

We take advantage of the economic cycle to reap the benefits of a decade.


We are the Venture Capital firm specialized in technology and innovation.


We invest in an average of 75 companies per year.

Life-time partners

We work with entrepreneurs throughout their professional careers, from the moment they set up their startup and receive our first investment. 

We help them reduce and manage the risks involved in launching a company.

More than 90 invested companies


Networkme helps students to make better career decisions, connecting them to the job market and allowing them to interact with companies beforehand.

Vegan Food Club

Vegan Food Club is a subscription service of 100% vegan and zero-emission food at affordable prices, delivered to customers’ doorsteps.

Agrow Analytics

Integrated platform to manage future and real-time information on water availability and the effects of irrigation on crops.

Wiper Gaming

AI-based e-learning platform for gamers that offers training sessions with the world’s best professional gamers.

City Robotics

City Robotics builds robots to automate disinfection in places such as hospitals, clinics, hotels, schools and aeroplanes.


Our funds

Think Bigger Fund I

Regulated by the CNMV (Spanish National Securities Market Commission) in November 2020, Demium Capital S.G.E.I.C started operating as an asset management company with its first fund -Think Bigger Fund I- of €50M to invest in more than 75 early-stage startups per year.

KID – Think Bigger Fund I

Demium Follow-on I y Follow-on II

Regulated funds to support startups in later stages from our portfolio.

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