Demium Kyiv has started a partnership with Kharkiv IT Cluster.

Demium Kyiv | Kharkiv IT Cluster
Our Partner

This organization develops an environment for technology business in Ukraine by bringing together representatives of leading IT companies, education, and local authorities. It also has an objective to promote Kharkiv, one of the new targeted locations of Demium in Ukraine, as the best place for Ukrainian and foreign IT companies and the gradual transformation of Kharkiv into a national-scale IT center.

The Kharkiv IT Cluster includes 70+ companies and 40+ partners. The organization has implemented over 50 projects. They organize webinars and workshops, protect Ukrainian IT business interests, and develop networking in the IT community’s locations.

Our Partnership

Demium’s partnership with Kharkiv IT Cluster starts with the info support, guarantees announcements of events on social media, newsletter, website, and provides discounts for those events. As Kharkiv has a lot of IT talents in Ukraine, there is a strong potential to further develop such partnership into strong and long-lasting cooperation. 

More information on Kharkiv IT Cluster is available on the official website:

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