Here you will find the answers to the most common questions about our Acceleration Programme.

If we believe your startup has potential but it’s too soon, you will be able to work with our local teams until you’re ready to present to the Investment Committee to raise the first €100.000.

You can apply from Spain, Portugal, Estonia, UK and Poland. However, a great value of this programme relies on opening doors within the Spanish and Portuguese market, so you would benefit the most if you’re already based or have plans to expand in the region.

The programme is online, except for the first week and the week before presenting to the Investment Committee, to prepare you better. Moreover, if you’re based in one of the cities where we have an office, you will be able to work from there.

During the programme, we help you prepare the necessary materials to present your startups to investors in the pre-seed/seed round. Our commitment goes further and we will work together to raise the following investment rounds.

Do you still have any doubt?