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Here you will find the answers to the most common questions about us and our Programmes.

Incubation Programme

It is not necessary to have a team. In the Incubation Programme you will meet complementary and like-minded people to create a team with whom to develop a startup from scratch.

Our team will evaluate your project and decide if you can join Demium. In case you join our programme, we will prepare you to present your startup to Demium Capital’s Investment Committee.

No, you don’t. At Demium, we focus on people’s talent. For us, what defines an entrepreneur is his or her ability to carry out any idea and execute it, overcoming all kinds of obstacles. 

Once the Incubation Programme begins, we will help you find a business idea that fits your experience and interests. 

If you already have an idea in mind, we can validate it together during the Incubation Programme – join us so we can get to know you!

If you already have a startup incorporated in the commercial registry and with metrics, fill out this form. Tell us more about your startup, where it is right now and how we can help you achieve your goals.

The Incubation Programme is offline and requires a full-time dedication. During 6 months we will help you create a startup from scratch and present it to our fund to get 150.000€ of investment.

Our team will organize dynamics so that you can get to know each other and decide with whom you want to build a startup.

Our team will work with you and help you in everything you need, so we ask for a full time commitment and presence in order to achieve your goal: to create your own startup from scratch.


In addition, most of the value of the Programme is related to the dynamics, activities and human relationships that are built between entrepreneurs in the day to day of the offices.

In each of our hubs and simultaneously: Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Lisbon. You will always have access to our entire ecosystem and international contacts.

We will prepare you so that in just six months you can present the project to our fund, Demium Capital, opting for the first €150,000 in the pre-seed round. Our fund can invest up to €500,000 in subsequent rounds.


In addition, we will put you in contact with our network of investors, VCs and business angels so you can get more funding.

Acceleration Programme

A complete co-founding team: a minimum of 2 co-founders with full time dedication to carry out the project.

An innovative solution with traction: you have already developed the technology or you already have the intellectual property of a solution to a problem in the sector. You must be in a stage where you already have metrics and traction in the market.

An incorporated company: you must have created -or must have the possibility to create – a registered limited company, which develops the activity of your business proposal.
*Mandatory for Spain and Portugal, for other countries nice to have.

If we believe your startup has potential but it’s too soon, we’ll evaluate your project to join our Incubation Programme.

1. You fill in the form with all the information about your project

2. Our team will review it and decide if it fits with Demium

3. If your project is pre-selected, you’ll work with us during a month, so that you can present your startup to the Investment Committee. If they decide to invest, you’ll start the Programme and receive a first investment of €150,000

During the programme, we help you prepare the necessary materials to present your startups to investors in the pre-seed/seed round. Our commitment goes further and we will work together to raise the following investment rounds.

You won’t have any kind of cost or commitment with Demium.

Yes, although startups could make use of the resources of our physical offices upon request.

The Programme also includes the support after the 6 months of acceleration, and it’s divided into 4 phases:

  • Pre-Acceleration: during one month, the Acceleration team works with the pre-selected startups in order to present them to Demium Capital’s Investment Committee. These sessions are pro-bono and if the startup does not fit Demium Capital’s investment criteria, it will be able to continue its path without any cost or contractual commitment with Demium.

  • First investment: With the “yes” from the Investment Committee, we start the capital increase process with an investment of €150,000 from Demium Capital and the goal of an additional €100,000 from other investors.

  • Acceleration: During the 6 months of the programme, we work with the startups to multiply the value of their business. This phase ends with the fulfillment of objectives and when the startup is ready to negotiate with other Venture Capitals to participate in the next round of investment.

  • Post-Acceleration: We focus on supporting the startup in the next round of investment. Demium Capital may invest another €350,000 in the startup.

Our coaches are experts in 10 fundamental areas to accelerate your company: Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Performance, Growth Hacking, Product Development, Technology, Operations growth, Financing Modelling, Fundraising, Pitching, Access to public funds and Lean Methodologies.

In addition to the €150,000 of direct investment at the beginning of the Programme, we understand that the accompaniment to the startup does not end with the 6-month Acceleration Programme. When this stage ends, the startup will start working with the Venture Capital team, which accompanies the startups to get a bridge round or a Series A round, with current investors or with new investors and with a possible additional €350,000 from Demium Capital.


We also provide support to get public funding methods such as ENISA (between €200,000 and €300,000) if the startup considers it appropriate.

Do you still have any doubts?