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Gloria Digital raises €100K pre-seed round from Think Bigger Capital

Gloria team

Currently looking at a €100K investment from Think Bigger Capital, the startup Gloria has been incubated in Demium Barcelona and offers an imperative technology solution for life-science companies helping them to remain competitive. At Gloria, they fully understand that the wave of digital disruption has hit the healthcare sector and that companies have started to harbor a need for transparent, personalized product performance. Gloria is becoming synonym to reimagining core technology by modernizing the market. We sat down with Nicolás, co-founder, to learn more about the project.

Q: Tell us about the startup

As digital transformation advances, the concept of data consolidates itself as the fuel of the industry of the future. It is also made evident that thousands of Life Sciences industries (pharmaceuticals, medical devices and hospital equipment suppliers among others) are falling behind owing to their technological incapacity to deliver new business opportunities and attract customers in profitable ways. This results in them losing ground day after day especially in their target market, nearing the risk of disappearing or being absorbed by digitally mature companies.

Gloria is the first scientific intelligence and communications platform in the Life Sciences industry. It has been designed to enable companies to offer full customization, in order for them to attract more customers and keep them. Gloria is a digital channel for companies to share their content and collect user data, allowing the former to plan, execute and review their commercial strategy, ergo empowering internal and external user experience. All this translates into more inflow and profit through rapid transactions. Topping the list, our high-level technical solution which comes at a really competitive price.

Q: You have recently raised a pre-seed round. What was it like doing it first time? 

It has been an amazing experience for us. We did know everything would go just fine, but we had to meet high standards and multiple challenges. As we were moving forward, we began to realize how much we were learning; we tried to find ways to make smart money, not just for raising capital but also to gain expertise in the Life Sciences industry. 

Q: What will you focus your initial funding on?

Mainly on product development, user traction, team upskilling and hiring new partners. Also, on building our brand name, expanding our market and becoming a fresh, original reference to the current industry which we consider rather archaic. We are planning to spend every penny wisely and become a truly profitable business. Then, scale up and grow beyond.

Q: What advice would you offer other entrepreneurs looking for first round funding?

Before all else, make sure you’re clear about how you’re planning to invest the money. Why would anyone invest in your product, not knowing when or how you’ll be paying them back? Be certain about where the problem lies and what solution you’re planning to offer; know your users and their real needs, to be able to answer the majority of their questions. As for the human factor: build a solid team with shared goals and fluid communication. Assign tasks evenly for efficient workload balancing, avoiding unnecessary friction. 

Q: What role did Demium play in your first investment round?

In one word? Vital! Demium has opened for us the doors to the startup universe, offering mentorship and coaching programs; their know-how in different areas and aspects, sharing their technical and legal resources. They have generously given us full access to their VC connections network and worked side by side with us, trusting our project as much as we did. Their support has been inestimable; having a sterling-reputation company like Demium backing you up every step of the way is immeasurable appreciated.

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