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iCommunity Labs – Smarter Blockchain Solutions For All Industries

iCommunity Labs Team

Blockchain: a series of linked data blocks. Straightforward, right? It’s core concept is pretty simple: security, transparency, efficiency, fraud protection and high flexibility of usage. In short, everything that iCommunity Labs stand for. They currently commercialize their product in a growing number of sectors and have generated major interest in technology circles. Behind every success is a great team, and this one has managed to convert an idea into a working blockchain platform, guaranteeing themselves as a safe investment.

Meet Mario, CMO at iCommunity Labs

Q: Tell us your story. How did you end up being an entrepreneur?

I’m Mario García, CMO & Product Owner at iCommunity Labs. 
I started working in the audiovisual sector, but I’ve always wanted to pursue a job in a field different than my major, like technology for example. I longed to work independently and lay the foundations of a life project; the fusion of both, did the rest. Together with two colleagues, I started off setting up an audiovisual production company. Our motto was “do it yourself” and based on this, we created our website and launched several promotional projects. Ideas began to emerge, I met new people and became more familiar with the startup world.

Getting to know iCommunity Labs

Q: Tell us about your startup

iCommunity Labs is a BaaS (Blockchain as Service, low-code platform. Our aim is the digital transformation of companies via blockchain tools and solutions. We want to democratize the technology of the future so that SMEs, startups or professionals can benefit from such potential, easily and affordably. The platform enables users to develop an array of high-value solutions in order for them to improve company transparency, quality and efficacy. This, inevitably translates into higher profitability. The solutions we offer apply to many sectors. We currently work with the following sectors:

– Supply chain traceability automatization and security 

– Document certifications of all kinds of files (contracts, degrees, invoices, warranties, etc.)

– Certified register and work schedule control (for employees, subcontractors, consultants, etc.)

Clients, like Estrella Galicia affirm that at this time “there’s no other company in the market, offering this type of technology”. That’s why I challenge the reader to try our platform for free, for 30 days. If we’re not able to implement for them a real-value use case, I’ll be happy to buy them lunch! 

Q: What’s next for your startup? What are you focussed on or working on now?

We are geared towards improving the platform to make it even more scalable, robust and easy-to-use. This year, we won the NeoTec Innovation Program Award; it’s one of the most competitive contests. This will enable us to add new platform capacities and use cases, staying tuned with avant-garde innovation.

The Entrepreneur Way

Q: Are there any specific skills or qualifications you had attained prior to becoming an entrepreneur that you believe helped you make the transition to being an entrepreneur?

I think that working on your learning skills is very important. If you can work as a freelancer in the sector of your choice, the one related to the business you wish to start, will help you delve deep into its ins and outs, leaving out all the unnecessary risk taking.

Q: What’s been the most rewarding or best part of your startup journey so far?

To enjoy our fully functioning platform together with our first important client and go down the memory lane with every one of my colleagues, back to the good old days of our incubation process when we did everything from scratch; those were truly gratifying moments.

Q: Think about where you were before you started with Demium, and tell us your best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs or someone considering starting their own thing.

To me, working on your resilience and constant learning skills, is of key importance. Your academic background makes little difference; the market competition is fierce and a college degree from the best university won’t work wonders. Try not to become attached to your initial idea, the market sets the tone; if the idea fails to work, pivot quickly; validate and try again. Quick mention, to validate means to have real income. Real earnings register doesn’t include selling to family members. At first, you might be bound to go great lengths but make no mistake: you’ll need money, you’ll have to cross hurdles and you’ll experience moments of weakness. Have your two-year life plan ready before you plunge into this adventure.

Demium & iCommunity Labs

Q: Why did you decide to start your company with Demium?

Back then, I had been working for a tourism startup, for two years. We began a round of financing and business was going well but I still felt restless, inquisitive and eager to set sail for new challenges. I was fascinated by blockchain technology, flirting with the idea of bitcoin since its invention and implementation. But, I was lacking a dream team, that group of people to share my passion with: and it was then, when I heard about Demium and their superb “All Startup Weekend” which proved to be the perfect place to find the team I had so wished for.

Q: How was your experience during Demium’s incubation programme?

It’s been a rewarding process that helped us to learn more about each other as team members, in a trusted environment. The actual space we were given during the incubation process to do our work, and the shared synergies with other startups was a great boost for growth.

Q: Could you describe your experience with Demium in one word?

The word I’d use is “TEAM”, because Demium gave me the chance to meet an outstanding team of professionals who row in the same direction as you, complementing the needs of a functional team to perfection. And that’s something rare to find.


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