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iCommunity Labs, The Blockchain Platform That Certifies Estrella Galicia Product Traceability

iCommunity Labs

iComunity Labs have developed an innovative extreme chain traceability project for Estrella Galicia using Blockchain technology. The project certifies the distribution routes of more than 120 products, mapping the distribution and delivery history of the product. The company estimates that this solution will bring important annual savings, cutting down the losses caused by parallel imports and grey markets.

This innovative Madrid-based company has taken the market by storm, among others, in the second edition of TheHop, the Estrella Galicia collaborative entrepreneurial program, by showing the substantial advantages of their Blockchain technology platform, meant to bring digital transformation and process improvement to every company.

During the program, entrepreneurs have had the chance to evolve and adapt the technology they were using to boost the digitalization of the distribution channel and HORECA, ergo offering their support to the collectives that have been majorly impacted by the novel COVID virus crisis. For this reason, they joined forces with Estrella Galicia suggesting new digital solutions of great value, in the sector.

“In this edition, marked by the pandemic outbreak, entrepreneurs have shown they are mature and capable to adapt. Obtaining results like these, is an example” said Juan Jose Delgado, Estrella Galicia Chief Digital Officer, in a statement.

Pilot project conclusions have been solvent and immensely useful, benefitting like never before everyone in the value chain:

– Parallel imports solution, cutting down significant losses for manufacturers
– Logistics transparency and control, preventing fraud
– Complaint and incidence management, as efficacy has risen to 100%

The distributor was able to identify several different collateral applications and improvements in their business, mainly related to stock management, distribution routes, employees and customer services. Adding to that, the HORECA sector have shown interest, by highlighting mostly the digital delivery note integration, which improves the relation with their distributors and manufacturers.

“The iCommunity technology positions us a step ahead everyone else. This technology is not available to anyone else” said the Estrella Galicia distributor.

The iCommunity Labs startup team have underlined the chance they were offered to work with one of the most important player in the sector and the insight they gained in the process.  

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