Image rights policy - Demium



During the ALLSTARTUP events, Demium collects the personal data of the participating entrepreneurs that is necessary for the maintenance and management of the relationship, complying at all times with legal obligations regarding the protection of personal data. The ENTREPRENEUR may at any time exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, cancellation, or opposition by writing to the registered office of DEMIUM.

In addition, during the Event, photos and video recordings are taken for the purpose of the future promotion of the Demium ALLSTARTUP Events, as well as for general Demium marketing and promotional activity. The ENTREPRENEUR authorises the use of any images or recordings in which they may appear for this purpose.

As proof of his/her agreement with all of the above, and having read in full the current terms and conditions, the Entrepreneur expresses his/her consent with regards to the contents of this document from the moment in time the Entrepreneur submits their acceptance to Demium, by selecting the “Authorise” option indicated in the document that links this page.