Co-invest with us

One of our main focuses at Demium is to keep expanding our network of investors. With your invaluable input we can jointly support an ever growing number of first-rate entrepreneurial projects. We have five years’ worth of experience in the game, with companies that we’ve incubated passing with flying colours through market validation and others at the more advanced stage of broad growth.

Any investor – whether private, angel, family offices, investment club or any other – is welcome to join the Demium family for free. We currently have great working relationships with all types of investors, from business angels hoping to diversify their portfolio to experienced venture capitalists, both nationally and internationally.

If you are interested in receiving word on the best investment opportunities in your region and further afield, please submit your contact details via the form provided. If you’d like to receive information about a particular startup under our wing, please state which one in the comments field of the contact form.