We take individuals and existing startups from an idea to funding and beyond.

14 Jun

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14 June, 2021

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1 decision 6 months Up to €500K

How it works

Create your company and get up to €500K investment.

We invest in talent. We support individuals and existing startups throughout their journey, from finding a co-founder to developing an idea into a validated business model and helping to secure seed investment.

Entrepreneurs will receive mentoring and assistance with their project to best prepare them to qualify for a €100K pre-seed investment with Demium’s partner fund which could go up to €500K with follow-on investments.

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Demium High Performance Methodology

Application 1

Simply select if you are applying as an individual or as a startup.

Tell us about your background and your motivation behind the desire to start your own company.


  • > Individuals: We invest in talent. We’re on the hunt for standout individuals to co-found startups (no team or idea needed).


  • > Startups: If you already have a team, we want to know more about your project and help you to achieve your goals.

Interviews 2

Our selection process involves a series of interviews with the Demium Talent team, some via video-call, and some in person.


  • > Individuals: Top individual applicants who are interested in creating a new project or join one of our existing teams will be contacted for an interview to talk more about your background, previous experience, suitability and commitment to starting your own company.


  • > Startups: Teams/projects applying to the Demium Programme will be evaluated based on your team, the idea, your progress, and how that all fits with what Demium can offer to early-stage teams and what our funding partner is looking for in a winning project.

AllStartup 3

> Individuals: Our AllStartup provides a great opportunity for you to test yourself in the fast-paced world of startups. In just three days you’ll get to know all the participants, take part in essential workshops, such as learning how to formulate business plans and put them into action, form a core team and, with help from our mentors, pitch your business to the Demium panel.


The winning team and the best candidates will be invited to join our six-month incubation programme.


> Startups: You are not required to participate in the AllStartup. If the interview with the Talent team is successful, your team will join the Demium Programme.

Demium Programme 4

Based on the interview process, we invite the most outstanding candidates and startups to our Demium programme.


  • > Individuals: During the incubation programme we’ll help you to find a co-founder, validate your business idea, launch a scalable solution and prepare you to qualify for a €100K investment with Demium’s asset management company.


  • > Startups: We support early-stage, growth-driven companies to achieve their goals as quickly and productively as possible, by preparing you to qualify for a €100K investment and by providing access to market, community and expertise.

Up to €500K Funding 5

Now that you’ve already found the right co-founder and you’ve developed your idea into a verified business model, it’s time to secure seed investment.


Entrepreneurs will receive mentoring and assistance with their project to best prepare them to qualify for a €100K pre-seed investment with Demium’s asset management company, Think Bigger Capital. 


Demium’s partner fund plans to invest €100K in more than 200 startups over the next 3 years, and reserves an additional 37.5% of the fund for follow-on investments, up to €500K.

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Our companies

SaaS · B2B


Computer vision and IoT digitalization solution for retail, which helps to sell extra 4-6% due to faster shelf restock that also increases customers loyalty.

SaaS · B2B


Create your own free chatbot to transform your website and lead generation via conversational forms.

Platform · B2C


Free software that works in real-time to modify your voice for online gaming and voice messaging.

Service · B2B · B2C


A safe way for couriers to deliver parcels when you’re not home, via free, app-controlled smart mailboxes.

SaaS · B2B


elKYC is a B2B SaaS that helps financial services (trading brokers, banks, insurers…) to identify and validate their clients (KYC) in less than 4 min in an efficient way.

Success stories

Denys Galenko

Demium has opened for me the door to the startup world – the place where I have always dreamed to be.

Denys Galenko

CEO at elKYC

Yaroslav Parkhisenko

If you don’t know how to make a breakthrough or you’re stuck and not sure how to find the right market fit, you need to ask for help from more experienced people. Demium are those people.

Yaroslav Parkhisenko

CEO at Recoshelf

The Incubation team

Olha Volkova

Olha Volkova

Head of Talent

Artem Kolosiuk

Artem Kolosiuk

Head of Incubation Programme

Elina Andrus

Elina Andrus

Marketing Manager