Meet the startups: Froged - Demium

Meet the startups: Froged

What is Froged?

Behavioural marketing software that allows you to track and analyse customers’ actions on your website. With this info, you can set activity‑based messages to pop up and send personalised email campaigns, thereby increasing engagement. Forget using different programmes to collect different data, Froged collects and stores it all in one simple-to-use space. It even enables live chat capability.

How did the solution develop?

“We started with the idea to create one platform that would handle user data across marketing, sales and support. Typically these are handled via different software platforms. We attended the Demium AllStartup Weekender in December 2018 and by June 2019 we were incorporated. Today our teams is made up of nine people, we have 192 registered contacts and we’re growing at a rate of 25% each month.”

How instrumental was Demium in the process?

“For us, Demium has been an incredible starting point. We all went to the ASW because we wanted to meet the right partners and gain access to the startup ecosystem in Spain. Not only did we manage to create a strong founding team, but Demium gave us great examples to follow so that we could succeed once connected to the startup ecosystem.”

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

“Trying to keep going in the right direction. Especially at the beginning, because the software was developing at the same time as the product-market fit was being tested. The other big challenge is not falling in love with your product and being able to focus on the feedback that will drive you towards success.”

What tips would you give other startups to attract investment?

“Our first approach was to promote the strength of the team and the huge potential the platform we were developing. There are great advantages to SaaS models in terms of scalability and recurring revenue. The first investors were mainly interested in the team, but they also wanted to see proof of product-market fit.”

What’s next for Froged?

“We are looking to reach our first 1,000 clients this year, closing a few partnerships and further defining our path in the hyper-personalisation sector.”

Meet the team

Emily G Cebrián Lombán, CEO

IESE and ICEX alumni, former Managing Director of Abencor Brasil and has experience in Business Development Management in several sectors, including energy and industrial and civil construction.

Juan Rojano Carretero, CIO

Former Telco Engineer, Business Intelligence expert, spent five years as Team Leader at INDRA and graduated in BI from Informatica (USA).

Ángel Romero Astorga, CTO

Full Stack Developer and Entrepreneur, three-time SaaS founder, with 18 years’s worth of coding experience, and won the 2010 University Contest Award for Free Software at UMA.

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