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Network Me’s 3 key pointers to making it through the current crisis

Network Me creates employer branding solutions that will attract higher-education students to various companies and a big part of that process is to be present in universities. In March we planned to host seven events at different schools in Lisbon, but they were all cancelled. “We’re screwed,” we thought, but after a few days we realised we weren’t alone. Every event in Portugal had been cancelled too. The only thing left to do was to gain leverage, which meant scaling fast. Here’s how: 

1. Act first, plan later

We were aiming to scale nationally in September, but given the extraordinary circumstances, we decided to plough ahead immediately. We refused to be limited and used everything and anything we had available to help us adapt to the situation.

2. MVP like a pro

With events cancelled and social distancing enforced, the only way to go was online. That meant creating a completely new MVP. Sure, our first attempt wasn’t perfect, but the lockdown meant we had to adapt as we went.

3. Shout about it

Problem and solution successfully adapted, we then contacted every single customer after the initial sale to gain some leverage on social media. This ensured our message to the world was one of innovation – that we are a problem-solving startup – which invites yet more opportunity. Don’t be afraid to make some noise!

If you take away just one piece of advice from this, it’s don’t be shy. Knock on some doors (figuratively speaking for now), show off your ideas and position your brand as one that wants to make a difference. Trust in the hustle!

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