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We’re on the hunt for standout individuals to co-found startups (no team or idea needed).
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    Do I need a team or idea before I join?

    Nope. In fact, we select participants on an individual basis. If your application is successful, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other talented entrepreneurs with whom you can form a team.

    Do I need to have an idea?

    No, you don’t. At Demium we focus on raw entrepreneurial talent and capabilities rather than the business idea. We believe that what really characterizes an entrepreneur is the ability to move forward with an idea, execute it and overcome all the challenges that arise along the way.

    Who decides on the idea?

    Once the incubation programme begins, we analyze and discuss a range of business ideas and market trends in teams. The founding team will then decide what idea to progress with. It’s important that entrepreneurs identify with, and are passionate about, the idea they are going to develop.

    What should I do if I have an idea?

    Once you’re selected to participate in the incubation programme, you can propose your business idea for evaluation.

    Can I be an entrepreneur and create a startup while working another job?

    In our view, without total dedication to the project it is very difficult to be successful and win the confidence of investors.

    Who creates the teams?

    At the AllStartup Weekend, the candidates select their own team members. Once the incubation programme begins, Demium will suggest the ideal profiles to complete each team, but it is the founding team that makes the ultimate decisions. We have great success in forming teams at an early stage.

    What are my obligations during the programme?

    We require you to fulfill the weekly objectives agreed on with the incubation director. We also ask that you attend the fortnightly schedule of classes and activities designed to help you accelerate the growth of your startup.

    Where does the incubation programme take place?

    Those selected to join the incubation programme will do so in the city where the All Startup Weekend took place. During incubation you will have access to mentors and experts in other Demium locations and, post-incubation, you will have the right to access any of the Demium sites as you continue to grow your company.

    Is Demium going to help me get investment?

    Entrepreneurs will receive mentoring and assistance with their project to best prepare them to qualify for 100K€ pre-seed investment with Demium’s asset management company, Think Bigger Capital.