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Scaleity Raises a €100K Pre-seed Investment Round from Think Bigger Capital

Start an online business, they said… It’s a walk in the park, they said… Online sellers won’t grow and thrive overnight. They have expenses to cover and above all, they need to actually sell… Scaleity understands the urgency funding solutions have in this particular sector and helps professionals access the current market, and stay competitive. Their solid team shares common goals, crystal-clear vision, have singular ideas and problem solving skills, making Scaleity a high-performing business that has managed to raise a pre-seed round worth €100K. 

Q: Tell us about Scaleity

Believe it or not, the $42 T eCommerce market goes unnoticed from a financing perspective. At Scaleity, we provide a Revenue Based Financing solution for eCommerce. We are faster, easier, more flexible and more owner-friendly than traditional funding sources as eCommerce helps users to quickly apply online, get the money within a few days and repay as part of the sales percentage, without the need of collaterals or personal guarantees.

Q: Tell us a little bit about the founding team. How come you started in Demium and how has the incubation programme experience been so far? 

I’m Matthias, the CEO, and joined Demium in late 2020. I was looking for ways to start my own business, but without necessarily having firm business ideas or a team. I learned about Demium through their advertising program on Linkedin and I was recruited into the incubation program.

After testing a couple of business ideas and potential co-founders, I settled on the Revenue Based Financing concept, as it suited well my experience and skill set.

This is when Marcin, our CTO joined us. His IT skills and Financial sector background proved to be the perfect fit for Scaleity, so we joined forces to develop the project.

Q: What was it like raising a round for the first time? 

Throughout my career in corporate finance and fundraising, I have helped a lot of businesses and investors raise funds. However, I had never raised money for my own company and I must admit the experience was different from what I expected.

The most important aspect turned out to be the team itself, what we were going to do to build the business and how. The stage at which the project was at the moment of fundraising turned out to be less important.

Q: What will you focus your initial funding on?

The goal is to build our platform and to start attracting clients to get initial traction. This is going to be our main focus to be able to move on to the next stage. 

Q: What do you think investors value most about your startup? 

I think they value the team and the vision we have for Scaleity. Not so much because that vision will materialise, but more so because it shows the ambition and passion we have.

I also think they liked the fact that we were well prepared before meeting them, which proved our commitment to Scaleity.

Q: What advice would you offer other entrepreneurs looking for first round funding? 

Make sure that your team is cohesive, that you have done your homework in terms of what you need to do to make your project work; also, show real commitment and passion about your project.

Q: What role did Demium play in this first investment round?

The Demium team mentored us at every step to make sure we were well prepared for what was to come. From assembling the team, changing it, and the ideation and approach to getting to the point where we were ready to raise money. 

They helped bring order into what in essence is a chaotic process, as it would have likely been much more difficult without them.

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