Startups developing their MVP with a validated idea: July 2020 - Demium

Startups developing their MVP with a validated idea: July 2020

Today we are saying a big congratulations to some of our superstar incubation teams who have reached the idea validation phase! Those of you who have been there and done that will no doubt have a huge amount of respect for these teams. Idea validation is a rollercoaster that is delving into problem discovery, grappling with assumptions and nailing the success criteria.

And so, congratulations are in order for:

Reliquid, incubated in Demium Barcelona, aims to improve a company’s liquidity by embracing their employees’ salaries. Co-founders Agustin Perez Paladini and David Garcia want to create a groundbreaking new ecosystem within businesses and encourage improved saving habits within talent pools.

Umakeid, from our incubator in Lisbon, and its co-founder Paulo Rafael, want to disrupt the fashion industry by connecting european factories and manufacturers with brands and designers. This way, they facilitate sourcing and projects development.

SLOTS, incubated in Demium Madrid, is developing a programme or standard to allocate times & spaces in situations where congregations of people need to be limited and managed.  Complex “queue” mathematics, multi-variable modelling and transponder + calendar technology are used to develop and implement this standard. Airports, airlines, cruises, sporting venues, commercial centres, hospitals… any facilities needing to optimise the movement of people & goods will  benefit significantly from this standard. The goal of Pedro Banda, SLOTS co-founder, is to support and optimise smart cities.

Insurtech is focused on providing the best life insurance experience in the market, with a special focus on freeing you from bank contract abuses. With their innovative AI technology you will be able to upload your current contract to our website and our AI will autocomplete a new contract with improved price and conditions so that you can just digitally sign it up in a few seconds. This startup incubated in Demium Madrid and its co-founders, Pedro Rodríguez Marqués and Manuel Lucania Fesser, offers customers a way to save money and time.

Arvi, from our incubator in Madrid, sells campers through the model “time sharing”. Their co-founders, Matías Bejas, Deler Salman and Ana Lledo López, want to give customers the opportunity to enjoy routes and experiences. This way, travellers can get the most out of the trip.

uUndeb’s co-founders, Alvaro Ruiz de Galarreta, Julio García and Andrés San Lucas, wanted to create a platform that connects brands with a wide range of advertising media. The startup incubated in Demium Madrid does this through a machine learning-based engine that provides precision in the match between both parties.

For these teams it’s time to keep working onto the next phase – MVP development. We wish the teams all the best in this exciting phase!

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