Develop your technology project from scratch - Demium

AllStartup: 11 – 13 November

Develop your technology project from scratch

48h Hackathon


Register for the AllStartup, our one-weekend technology & talent hackathon where you will apply your knowledge and experience to develop an idea in just 48h.

We will propose startup challenges and you will work with a complementary team to develop the project. The last day, the jury will choose the best technology project and the best participants to join the Incubation Programme.

Are you up for the challenge? 

From Project to Company

Incubation Programme

Turn your technology challenge into a company in just 6 months.

During the programme we will help you find a co-founding team, validate an idea which solves a real problem and which fits with your interests and experience, and turn it into a real company. 

You will have access to our international mentor network and to platforms and infrastructures such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, OVH Cloud and many others to develop the technology of your startup.


Programa de Incubacion de Startups
We invest in your technology

Receive up to €500,000 of Investment

We prepare you to present your technology company to Demium Capital and our investment fund.

The Committee can invest €150,000 in a pre-seed round at the end of the Incubation Programme, and up to €500,000 in the following rounds, so that you startup keeps growing. 


Participate in the AllStartup

From November 11th to November 13th

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