Wiper, the eSports Edtech Startup, Raises €100K in Pre-seed Investment Round from Think Bigger Capital - Demium

Wiper, the eSports Edtech Startup, Raises €100K in Pre-seed Investment Round from Think Bigger Capital

Pro gamers’ careers do not merely involve playing hundreds of games. A pro player needs to develop a success mindset that only comes with a challenging lifestyle, followed by intense coaching. Wiper Gaming knows that eSports athletes need to compete with the best they have: cognitive abilities and soft skills. Demium’s Think Bigger Capital has chosen this startup to grant a pre-seed round of €100K, rewarding their vanguard solution.

Q: Tell us about Wiper Gaming

Wiper Gaming was born to help more than 2.7M gamers around the world improve their gaming skills. If you want to become a Pro Player, Wiper has the coaching model you’re looking for and the quality training you need to make it to the top.

If you want to keep having fun with games like League of legends, Fortnite, Rocket League, CS GO, Valorant etc. win every game and avoid being in the spotlight of your friends’ stickers, WIPER has the best coaches in the world to help you improve your game. 

Wiper has been Emilio Latorre’s idea, who is one of the co-founders. He realized that unlike other disciplines (English language e-learning, online yoga classes, etc.) there was no other platform in Spanish, to help gamers with online private classes improve their gaming level. 

For any gamer, it is frustrating to stay stuck in a game level and same as in other disciplines, without the help of an expert teacher/coach, this blockage may very well end up becoming impossible to overcome.

Emilio was unable to develop the idea himself therefore he decided to join Demium to find the dream team that would make his idea grow. Guille Garcia, with a lifetime worth of experience in advertising and creativity, joined the project as a CEO. José Ignacio Matarranz came in too, as a CFO due he’s outstanding career in finance. Finally, Hajar Mrabet, our CTO, is a young talent that fell in love with Wiper after getting into Demium. They all brought stability, enthusiasm and business vision together with the priceless support from Demium to ultimately endorse our project and raise this first pre-seed round of 100K from TBC.

Q: What was it like raising a round for the first time? 

It’s an incredibly rewarding feeling, it has come as a means of acknowledging our month-long efforts and hard work; without doubt, pressure was on to make the project happen and accentuate its importance within an ecosystem already occupied by great teams and ideas. The way we see it, this pre-seed round is the fruit of our labor, a job well done, perseverance and teamwork; people who gave it their all, to get where we are now. We are excited about how the investment is going to catalyze our growth and help us be the go to platform for gamers education. 

Q: What did you find investors valued most about your startup? 

Our team; there’s no doubt about it. The idea itself and the eSports sector did the job too but for a startup like ours which finds itself in this phase, the people who make the team have been the key factor. 

Wiper has 4 co-founders: Emilio Latorre, Guille García, Jose Ignacio Matarranz and Hajar Mrabet. They are a master blend of experience, youth, tech-vision, creativity, business know-how and company perspective. Above all, the support we got from Olga Torras in Marketing, Elena Frontiñán the UI/UX designer, Sergi Madrigal as Technical Director, Marina de Castro as UX specialist and Elvira Álvarez as Junior Creative, apace with a great team of external collaborators, has brought to life what we’ve been sketching and drafting on a piece of paper, some months ago. 

Q: What advice would you offer other entrepreneurs looking for first round funding? 

They should keep in mind that this is a long-distance race. Like entrepreneurship, any project worth undertaking is a roller coaster, one day you’re on top of the world and the next, you’re at your lowest lows. 

Don’t lose perspective, stay focused. You need to persevere, trust your project and your partners. Surround yourself with people better than you, and pitch, pitch, pitch again and again to raise your first round.

Q: What role did Demium play in this first investment round?

A most major role, not a trace of doubt there… To each Wiper co-founder, Demium means something different, but overall we all feel Demium’s support has been organically fundamental. Demium is the “glue” component that brought the 4 co-founders together, allowing us to grow as startup owners, train ourselves, reach out to investors and business angels, and has been key to boost this project.

We graduated Demium with a strong qualification: the self-assurance, drive and energy to make Wiper the number 1 online-training gamers company worldwide, within the next few years.

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