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Yami: a simple solution to eating healthily every day

Roughly six out of ten workers order fast food on a daily basis, which eats up a considerable chunk of anybody’s budget. But with so little time to devote to cooking or sitting down for a meal at a restaurant, the lure of the unhealthy takeaway is almost unavoidable. Almost. Yami – derived from the word ‘yummy’ – provides a way to dodge that fast food bullet. This simple-to-use online platform features a vast variety of healthy dishes that can be collected from the restaurant for no more than €5/day.

How did the idea come about?

The bright folks at Yami realised that most people, while short on time, can’t afford to spend €10-12/day on takeaways that are good for you, so many end up hastily throwing together a packed lunch or settling for cheap fast food. Yami have made it their mission to ensure everyone can eat healthy, restaurant quality meals daily and at an affordable price. The main advantage of using Yami is that when you go to pick up the dish at the restaurant, you pay up to a 40% percent less than if you sat down to eat at the same place or requested home delivery. So you save time and money.

Market size

According to the latest study by market research company NPD Spain, the delivery sector in Spain alone is worth around €35m. Yami operates in the takeaway market, a niche that has yet be studied, but which accounts for 15.8% of the total delivery sector. That equates to €5.5m, which is six times larger than the food at home figures (€1.1m). However, it’s worth taking into account that the same study showed only 9% of orders are made through online platforms, which indicates there’s still a long way to go.

Traction and growth of Yami

In just a few months since forming the idea Yami has:

∙      Developed a functional, marketplace-style website, through which users can reserve their plate in an intuitive manner.

∙      Have an offer of 90 restaurants and feature over 150 dishes with discounts.

∙      Developed alliances with other startups and companies, such as Freepik, Ebury and Bestseller.

∙      Expanded to Malaga and Barcelona.

Meet the team

Cristobal Froufe, CTO: 

Cristobal is the web developer and has 10 years worth of experience in the IT industry. He is responsible for the development of and business logic behind the user interface and web applications. He has strong technical skills, excellent interpersonal skills and is passionate about keeping on top of the latest trends in front-end technology.

Ismael Cruces, CMO: 

Ismael is a specialist in digital marketing, with qualifications in marketing and market research studies. He has worked for years in several startups all over the world, including New York, Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur, developing online strategies for companies and international markets. His main passion is growth hacking.

Guillermo Morcillo, CEO: 

Having completed his MBA, Guillermo spent the last four years in management positions at companies within the health sector. He’s been leading and promoting the global strategy, as well as the operations area. During this time he has also been involved in the founding teams of other startups.

Funding opportunity

After closing the previous round of €80k, Yami is currently seeking €250k investment. They have a well-defined business plan and have calculated the investment required to carry it out successfully.

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